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What Are lab grown diamonds?

This is one way to create diamonds in a laboratory. The growth of this lab-grown diamond requires appropriate pressure and temperature are applied to the hydrocarbon mixture in the vacuum chamber.

The growth process


What is the difference between Lab Grown diamonds and Mined diamonds and moissanite?

Lab Grown Diamonds and Mined diamonds are identical in phyiscal, chemical and optical properties. While Moissanite is silicon carbide, it is a totally different materials.

There is no visual difference between Lab Grown Diamonds and Mined diamonds, and high-level jewelry appraisers can’t tell the difference with the naked eye! However Moissanite is only similar in appearance, it will have an unnatural sparkling, and people can also distinguish Moissanite and diamonds.

The relationship between Mined diamonds and Lab grown diamonds and moissanite is like: natural pearls, cultured pearls and plastic pearls

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