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Are lab-grown diamonds worth more than MINED diamonds?

Identical Materials

A diamond with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a mined diamond is grown in the laboratory. Therefore, the Lab Grown Diamond is the real diamond. Even expertise can’t tell the different from nake eyes.

Eco & Ethics Concerns

Mining diamonds not only destroys the environment, but also has a great impact on human rights, while Lab grown diamonds are suitable for simulated growth that is not only environmentally friendly but also produces faster and more ethical than natural diamonds.


The price is only 20% of natural diamonds, allowing you to buy higher clarity, larger carats and perfect cut than natural diamonds at a more reasonable price.

Lab Grown Diamonds = Green Diamonds?

Buying Lab Grown Diamond help saves many being forced child labor

When we produce Lab grown diamonds, more than 90% of them are renewable energy sources. Lab grown diamonds not only protect the earth’s environment, but also reduce carbon emissions while also promoting world peace. It is also known as the “green diamond”.

International recognition of lab-grown diamonds


Federal Trade Commission

“When the commission first used this definition in 1956, there was only one type of diamond product on the market — natural stones mined from the earth,” the FTC said. “Since then, technological advances have made it possible to create diamonds in a laboratory. These stones have essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. Thus, THEY ARE DIAMONDS.


Gemological Institute of America

Lab-grown diamonds can LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME as natural diamonds to the unaided eye.

At GIA, synthetic diamonds undergo the same rigorous grading process as natural diamonds. When GIA receives a stone for grading, we test it to determine its identity as well as to detect potential treatments. Methods of analysis include observing inclusions and florescence and phosphorescence. If a diamond is found to be laboratory-grown, GIA issues a Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report. As an added precaution to protect consumers, GIA also laser-inscribes the diamond’s girdle with a report number and a statement that identifies the diamond as laboratory-grown.

Lab-grown diamonds are now becoming a popular alternative for many people, since they can have the same beauty and properties as a mined diamond and are often more affordable. Whether you are considering a lab-grown or natural diamond, know its identity and quality by purchasing a stone with a GIA Diamond Report.

For the Same Price, you can buy DOUBLE the SIZE lab-grown diamond

For the Same Price, you can buy BETTER QUALITY lab-grown diamonds

For the Same Diamond, you can buy MORE luxury handbag and watch

Same Price ,
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lab-grown diamond


lab-grown diamond

Same Quality Diamond,

Additional handbag and watch
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rather than mined diamond

Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

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